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The Rotary Club Of Slough - Opening Doors For You

Rotary may change your life, just as we change other people's lives by the work we do and the help we give.

We understand the time pressures of modern life but we also know that many people want to actively help others. Make a start by talking with us.

So what is Rotary? Maybe you have some ideas but let us start with a clean slate. Let us help you focus on the basics of what Slough Rotary is all about.

Rotary Is, Gives, Asks, Rewards
Rotary is for people of all ages who want to help others, in their own locality, as well as around the world, and have a lot of fun doing it . . .

Networking, Fun & Friendship, Open to All
There are no better networking opportunities than when sharing ideas and mounting activities that will change peoples lives, help communities and make the world a better place . . .

Opportunity to help at the sharp end
Rotary is not only rattling tins and running fundraising events. There are real opportunities to get your hands dirty, we call this Hands On Rotary.

New Members Guide
All you need to know about sound and constructive membership