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1. The opportunity to experience aid/help at the sharp end.  There are real opportunities to get your hands dirty, we call it Hands On Rotary. Just a few examples:

-Taking aid to the Balkans - a convoy leaves Slough twice a year sharing food and giving practical help to those in adversity, a heart tugging experience

-Meeting excluded school kids at Sara Lee and seeing them work productively

-Giving a blind person a lift to his or her social club

-Supporting the REACH Christmas party

Its not so much the gift of money or equipment, it's the touch, the handshake, being there, listening, conversing, sharing the hardship, often with a joke


2. Slough Rotary Branding. Our 'Slough Together' logo is a valued emblem for local BIG events that says Slough people getting together for something good and having a great time, is used for the charity walk, charity ball etc

Our brand message: getting more out of life - working together for others,  says it all


3. Get involved NOW. There is never a bad time to join a Rotary club, least of all Slough Rotary, there is plenty going on and we can always use a spare pair of hands and/or an active, creative and supportive mind. 


4. Opening Doors.  There is the welcome door, the door to the Rotary world outside of Slough (social/cultural links with twin clubs, International Rotary and hands on with helping others wherever), the networking door leading to all sorts of new and valuable contacts and experiences,you get the theme.

So finally, the door with your name on it,


5. Your Door, a door to the unexpected. Who knows where it will lead.  Nothing is a given except lots of opportunities and lots of fun and our guarantee that you will not regret taking that first step through.


Come and Play your part in moulding and developing our exciting club.


Just email our club secretary at rch.weathersbee@gmail.com and ask to meet us. We meet nearly every Thursday so it will not take long to get to know us.