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Networking, and our core values

Networking: Rotary International (RI) is arguably one of the first organisations to have fostered networking. Rotary grew up on networking. There are no better networking opportunities than when sharing ideas and mounting activities that will change people's lives, help communities and make the world a better place.
Rotary programmes encompass every facet of humanitarian activity from volunteering at a school,operating a health/stroke awareness day and running a charity event to raisefunds for a worthwhile cause or even a disaster hit country, etc.

Open to all cultures, races and creeds. (Our club enjoys and benefits from a 20% non-anglo-saxon membership and recognises there is plenty of room to build on this). Rotary is a true cross section of all walks of life (but appealing mostly to business and professional people) The greater the mixture/diversity of characters (yes we are delighted that we also attract the eccentric) and talents the more fun we have and our ability to do larger projects increases.

Fun & Friendship: Sounds like starting nursery school, and it is sometimes but seriously there is a huge amount of fun doing what we do and a wide range of social activities attached to our core business - (naturally wives, partners and family are welcome to join in but there is no expectation).

Integrity - RI's four way test reminds us to be sure that what we say or do is true,fair, builds goodwill and benefits all concerned and, of vital importance to us, maintains our reputation.

The International Dimension -  An important part of our interest is in fostering international understanding. There are are get-togethers with our twin clubs, Vierzon in France and Dothan, Alabama, USA. In most years there will be a visit to at least one of these as well as receiving a delegation from another club. We also provide, often ongoing, financial support to various specific overseas aid projects. Recently we co-operated with a Rotary club in India to provide a much need 'lifeline' water supply to a village in a remote area of the country.

You will also hear the word fellowship commonly used in Rotary. Perhaps a somewhat archaic word today but there is no contemporary equivalent. It is distinctive within a club,holding members together through thick and thin.  'Cameraderie' gets pretty close to defining it, also leg-pulling and comfortably sitting on the end of having your own leg pulled and  encouragement to just get on and do it. There is no real hierarchy to get in the way and stifle initiative. I guess we start with these aspects of fellowship, just doing things together, and that leads to respect and friendship.