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Rotary is for people of all ages who want to help others, in their own locality, as well as around the world, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Rotary gives you an easy way to get started on the 'helping other people' business, we are a supportive environment, we have the organisation, we have the reputation (to open the right doors) and we have the motivation, resulting in building communities and bridging continents.

Doing things together we are a force to be reckoned with, enablers if you like, helping ordinary folk to do some extraordinary things, e.g.
-locally our club's 75th anniversary bash, raised nearly £20,000 for Berkshire charities,
-on a world scale practically eradicating Polio now with help from that BIG philanthropist Bill Gates,
-also founding and running the Shelter Box charity (you know the organisation that is first on the ground whenever a disaster hits,anywhere in the world).

These latter are just two of the diamonds in Rotary's crown.

Rotary asks for, in addition to your desire to help others, your business skills, energy, sense of humour and your imagination/ideas.

Rotary rewards you with good honest fun, friendship and a broader outlook on life, plus opportunities to let your hair down (our annual French trip, Burns night, 'fireworks at the Trys', even a Valentines tea dance).