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Slough Rotary Activities

Each year the club elects a new President who takes office at the beginning of July. He/she provides leadership and sets the priorities for the club during the year. The President and key officers will begin the planning for the year ahead in the previous spring with the resulting programme containing much that is tried and tested as well as fresh approaches to these and new ideas. It is a formidable and professional programme demanding the energy, acumen and initiative of members to bring to a successful conclusion with funds raised for worthwhile causes and valued experiences from those who participate.

Some of this programme is promoted to the public and we encourage support from individuals, families and organisations. Some is targeted towards specific groups on a charitable or humanitarian basis and some is open mainly to Rotarians, their family and friends. Whatever the target the club welcomes genuine enquiries from anyone who would like to help support the initiatives in any way.

Some specific activities are listed below but if you have a general enquiry simply E-mail us at:

The Rotary Golf Day
The 2015 Slough Rotary Charity Golf Day was held on 26th September 2015 South Buckingham Golf Club, Farnham Park, Bucks. Pictures

Some Other Activities
Read about blood pressure day and other acheivements.

The Slough Together

 Walk 2nd. May 2015


The Slough Charity Golf day

2015 Pictures

The Presidents Blog