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04 May 2019 - The Together Walk best yet with about 500 happy people enjoying a windy but mostly dry day

Sunny day Arch in place ready to start

Police cadets help setup

All the gear is available hats water shirts etc

Walkers begin to arrive and check-in

Things begin to get colourful

Nearly ready to go

We are going now

Nice group

Walking for Wexham Park


Mayor Paul meets President Andrew and Walk Chairman Richard

Be happy

Got all the gear


Lots of energy

Poster Ladies

Lovely group

Music Box man


and Mingle

HRF group




The mayor plus

The Mayor and Phil

I wonder who they are walking for?

Nice people

Got a fiver for the raffle?

Now there is a team hard at work

First man back

This is the way?

Last few to start

Well a few more

Away the cadets

And more

Wind is getting up

Come on then let us go

Excellent sound

We did it



I have mine

So what do you think of it so far?

New knees work ok

It is a long way for both of us

How the food sales going?

Nice work ladies

Oh yes!!!

Queue for the certificates

Cold but sunny

Made it

Picture on the Line

Still wanting to start

You sure you pre-registered?

Good music will help them home

We are there

we did it

Well done Frimley

Lovely team

Tech expert at work

Family teams still going out

Asian food seems to be going well

Mayor Paul supporting

The Mayors team is all here ready to go

Done it

Well done

Well done all

Super effort

Wonderful Effort

Oh Yes

Extraordinary effort

The finish line


And now the food!!

Home and dry

The scrubs have it


Nice Roll


Mmmm Food

Time for tea

Now they have proof

Well done ladies

High Five

Well done


Youngest walker 10 weeks


All over

In between showers nice

All winners

Nice family walk

Good team

I did it

Nearly all back




All back

They finish

by 2's

and 2's

Quick heavy shower for the Mayor

Good work with loads raised for local Charities


Oh yes

Well done Red Arch family

Helpers nearly there

Ok the last lot

Team exhausted

Just time for the raffle

Second raffle prize


First raffle prize
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12 Dec 2019- Slough get together to celebrate a year of successful hard work at Christmas at BBGC
07 Dec 2019- Inner Wheel invite Rotary and friends for coffee and a raffle to rais funds for local charities
13 Oct 2019- Another very successful French Trip by Slough for all commers to enjoy
26 Sep 2019- We did a good thing we gave Talking Newspapers £6000 and had a terriffic evening
12 Sep 2019- Church Street Child Contact Centre have us in tears but a smile from visitors
22 Aug 2019- Visit and address of DG Frank Quinn
08 Aug 2019- Don Reed talks about The Blind Club Activities and keeps us very entertained
25 Jul 2019- Walk Awards Dinner - our thanks to those that helped raise £35,000 for local Charities
27 Jun 2019- We are under new management as Richard takes over from Andrew
04 May 2019- The Together Walk best yet with about 500 happy people enjoying a windy but mostly dry day
04 Mar 2019- Youth Speaks Zone Final At The John Lister Postgraduate Centre
23 Feb 2019- Rotary Quiz at Caldicott School is a winner what a lot a clever people there are!
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