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15 Dec 2016- We get together to celebrate Christmas and another year of hard work in giving something back
10 Dec 2016- A joint Rotary and Innerwheel coffee morning to raise hundreds of pounds again at David and Doreens
01 Dec 2016- Misbourne Matins visit to say Thank You and tell the story how the Grant was used
24 Nov 2016- Dinner with the students from Haybrook College who we work with on projects
21 Nov 2016- The fabulous Youth Speaks competition is here again and wonderful
18 Nov 2016- Rotary visit and support the Voluntary Sector Awards Dinner providing funds for the winning Charity
10 Nov 2016- The DG Joy visits and another Australian Mina both very welcome
23 Oct 2016- Slough Schools plant crocuses to remind us that we will defeat Polio
20 Oct 2016- Australian Rotarians visit on committee evening and Diana Coad joins us
08 Sep 2016- An interesting discovery of Houdini and how he did it all
18 Aug 2016- Slough Innerwheel invite Rotary to bake cakes for charity
04 Aug 2016- The Rotary Walk Together Winners Presentation Dinner
20 Jul 2016- Dictionaries given to Year 4 pupils in local schools, a wonderful duty to perform
26 Jun 2016- The Rotary and Inner Wheel Champagne Lunch raises funds for Shelter Box
23 Jun 2016- Can you believe how quickly the year passes when you are a busy President?
16 Jun 2016- President Gordons final bash the Story of Punch and Judy
28 May 2016- The quiz was a major challenge for the top teams split by only half a point
12 May 2016- Japanise Scholar Mariko studing at Oxford visits Slough
06 May 2016- A group visit our twin club Vierson in France and share the culture
30 Apr 2016- Beautiful Day great friends and a super Walk for Charity 2016
28 Apr 2016- St Georges Day a bit late - but better late than never
24 Mar 2016- We all enjoyed a fantastic Old Time Music Hall evening, wonderful
28 Jan 2016- Burns Night with Haggis and Real Scottish Dancing Excellent
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