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29 Apr 2017 - A great turnout at the Walk today with many groups raising money for their Charity

Ok lets get this show on the road

We need to tie the arch down

Nearly got this fence up

which way is up?

Expecting a rush any minute now

Richard stars on BBC radio Berkshire reading the clue

I think we have it now

Ah that is where we check in

We start a bit early

Here we go

no rain

happy days

looking good

are we first?

I got a tote bag

nice group



we are walking too

President Terry says welcome Mr Mayor

Officially started

ready to go

Bouncy fun

Excellent group

tickets for sale

where did you get those?

there lovely

looks fun

Good family group

here we go

Well done Reg

Just to keen

Late starters

President Terry what are you doing?

Thanks for walking

someone has to keep it going

still going out

nice round here

starting to come in now


good time

yes yes

yes yes yes

oh yes

yes but my feet

sweet music

thanks to our sponsors

very smooth

fit and well

done it

we have to

just jumping


very late starters

is that a motor bike?

back to the bridge

there are a lot walking

eton playing fields

the home finish

still jumping


oh yes

it is all mine

really you are going out now!

Why not?

we can do it

BBC recording

the scouts have finished

a bit like a party

this is fun


prizes to be won

yes it was fun

I need my certificate

time to eat

can I go home?

finished well done

what an effort


Just fantastic

the winning ticket

is won by Peter and Glenice

time to go home

Last but by no means least

You would never believe we were there
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16 Nov 2017- Youth Speaks standard at a very high level - all are winners for the future
08 Oct 2017- The French Trip is a fantastic tour around Picardy with all enjoying Versailles
28 Sep 2017- Joint meeting with Langly & Iver Club works well and every one enjoys the program and Interaction
09 Jul 2017- Cinders will never be the same again in the minds of a delighted audience
06 Jul 2017- Out with the old in with the new Thank you Terry - welcome Andrew
08 Jun 2017- We survived the Walk and now some survived the winners dinner with thousands raised for Charities
25 May 2017- Excellent curry night we do not do this often but it is great when we do.
29 Apr 2017- A great turnout at the Walk today with many groups raising money for their Charity
27 Apr 2017- St George lives in Slough and is celebrated with local talent and classic material
06 Apr 2017- Blood Bikes and Babies what an Amazing group of volunteers that save lives
02 Mar 2017- Dr Bedi explaines dementia in a simple and direct way and we understand and gain hope
09 Feb 2017- Joana a local nurse tells us how she learned about AIDS and helped in South Africa
19 Jan 2017- Slough work with Jordans and other clubs to buy a much needed scanner at Harefield
26 Jan 2017- Burns Night Extravaganza to celebrate the Bard enjoyed by all including dancers
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