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24 Nov 2014 - Youth Speaks sparkles again with some excellent performances

Will they come

Shall we go


Nearly time

Time judges

Still green

Watch the timing lights

We are next

Very difficult job

Comes naturally

Now over to you

Excellent organisation

President Mary Thanks

Runner up Senior Team

Winning Senior Team

Runner up Inter Team

Winning Inter Team

Best Inter speaker

Best Senior speaker

All are winners
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02 Dec 2015- Rotary visits a chosen charity the Bee Hive project in Chalvey
23 Nov 2015- Youth Speaks standard at a very high level - all are winners for the future
04 Nov 2015- More Tea Vicar a runaway success
01 Oct 2015- The now Famous French Trip to raise charity funds
25 Sep 2015- The South Buckinghamshire host Slough Rotary Golfers
29 Aug 2015- Slough celebrate the new president taking on a big job
17 Aug 2015- Walk winners cheques presented at a celebration meeting in Slough
02 Jul 2015- The Presidents Handover went well for Mary and for Gordon the new President
30 May 2015- Farnham Royal Village Hall Whodunnit with 8 Suspects all Guilty
28 May 2015- The Rotary Club of Dothan vistit Slough and are very welcome
07 May 2015- Eye Camp in India presentation by those that were there excellent work
02 May 2015- The Walk a fantastic family affair enjoyed by charities and groups raising money for local causes
17 Apr 2015- The Quiz is bigger than ever thanks to Caldicott School and good planning
12 Mar 2015- Graham Sleaman JP tells us about life on the bench
05 Mar 2015- 1090 District Conference in Telford one of the best yet
29 Jan 2015- Burns Night went well and many Rotarians invited friends as guests
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