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Flutterby, Flutterby, what is the talk?
We proudly present the Slough Together Walk.

Flutterby, Flutterby, more clarity?
You can raise funds for your Charity.

Flutterby, Flutterby when did you say?
5th May 2018 is the Saturday.

Flutterby, Flutterby, where is the start?
In Upton Court Park, please come and take part.

Flutterby, Flutterby, will I be on time?
Between 9.00am and 1.00pm will be fine.

Flutterby, Flutterby is there a fee?
Donation from Adults, Childen go free .

Flutterby, Flutterby how do I pay?
£5.00 on-line now, or £10.00 on the day.

Flutterby, Flutterby, am I too late?
No register now and we'll make it a date.